Yogi Divine Society of NJ does not endorse any political party, however we always welcome members of the community to visit us and share with us their vision of Parsippany and how we can work together to improve it.

Jamie Barberio

Mayor of Parsippany, New Jersey | 2009 – Present

Mayor Barberio has always kept a open door policy for anyone in need of his aid. Likewise Yogi Divine Society has always kept a open door policy to Mayor Barberio and his staff to visit our temple and attend our festivals. Mayor Barberio has mentioned several times how much each respects and admires each and every culture. Mayor Barberio continues to attend functions hosted by Yogi Divine Society of NJ.

Michael Peckerman

Chief of Police Parsippany, New Jersey | 2006 – 2011

Chief of Police Michael Peckerman was invited to visit Hindu Swaminarayan Temple & Cultural Center (Haridham) to share his vision on how Yogi Divine Society and the Parsippany Police Department can continue to make Parsippany The Place to Live. He was kind enough to inform us and the congregation about how he and his department pay close attention to safety of every individual working and living in Parsippany. Chief Perckerman ended by informing us that he would love to continue visiting us.